New Season – New Me!

Well, we are here. Winter came, and now we’ve made it to spring. Personally I get pretty miserable during the winter, and I put It down to a few things, I.e – The weather being absolutely 100% terrible, It’s bulking season so I feed myself the wrong types of food and feel bad because of it. Cue, classic white girl blog post below!

But with the clocks springing forward (pun intended) I have chosen to set a few goals and (hopefully) complete them in the next month. I am doing this in the hope that I somehow become a better bloke?

  1. Changing My Diet  So I have done this before and I consider myself somewhat ‘Experienced’, but never the less I am still going to cut out the bad chocolate that fills my belly and in the words of Ed Sheeran, start eating Kale! – Side note, NO ONE FUCKING LIKES KALE. We eat it so then after the week we can ‘Treat’ ourselves with that bag of Minstrels we’ve had our eyes on for the last week.
  2. Save some fucking dolla bro! – This is BIG Juan! The aim is to get to the last week of April without having to hunt for a few extra pounds just so I can buy a pot noodle at lunch…..FUCK.
  3. LAUNCH MY NEW WEBSITE! YAY – So, for the last month I have been building my website, which essentially just photos of me looking like a fucking winner! But honestly this is big, I’ve been trying to get this up for the last year and now the time has come!
  4. Photo a Day Challenge – So this one is pretty simple in the fact that I want to be uploading a photo a day to insta. The purpose of this is to get myself taking more pictures with my camera, understanding the camera and more importantly learning about composition and  developing my own style.

So that’s me out.  Welcome to the start of spring and watch this space to see my new PB at Benchpress, Deadlift, Back Squat. #blessed #motivated.

Also I shaved my beard.

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
Me with beard
Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
Without beard 😦




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