Getting Started with 3D…

I started a new job about 3 months ago, I left my previous employer because I wanted to expand my skillset and move onto new  more challenging things.

I have always been interested in 3D modelling and animation, but never really chased it or had the opportunity to have a crack, the only time was when I was working on a project for a client and the options I gave just weren’t cutting it for them, so I felt ballsy and went for a play in Cinema 4D. Alas, I made my first 3D animation, it was okay, but purely a play about and with luck created something they liked.

The last 4 months I’ve been trying to fill my mind with all things 3D, and just the immersing myself in Blender, which is the software the company I’m at now use for 3D project. Blender is great, it’s free and there is so much help out there for it, it’s even used in some big production houses.

This week was the first time I actually used it on the job and I got very excited so that’s why I am writing a blog post about it.

I was asked to model a handrail and concrete slab for a bigger project. At first I was a bit hesitant because I was really sure how i’d tackle it, but with a bit of help from an experienced colleague, I got started.

I did have a building drawing to get all the measurements from and the angles, so wasn’t completely lost. bottom-brickHere I made the concrete slab, which everything starts from. I started with a plane and then extruded it to get the depth. Then added a spilt down the middle and raised it slightly to get a pointy top almost, if you like.

no-glass-2Above is where I put in the posts and handrails. The post were relatively easy, but the hand rail wasn’t, I had many failed attempts but then nailed it  no-glass-3complete-3I then put in the glass windows that go inbetween the the posts. I also added a glass material to these, but you’ll see that I the full render. complete-2with-materialsfinal-renderHere’s the full render, I put a stone material on the slab and metal material on the posts and hand rails. Then made a world environment to give it a ‘real’ feel. It doesnt look much but I am pretty happy with what I did. It’s going to take a lot of learning to master 3D work but I am hoping to really take of this year in my learning and make some great work! 🙂


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